RoboMarkets has updated the R StocksTrader web platform and mobile application

11.07.2022 / 10:06

Dear Clients and Partners,

RoboMarkets is constantly improving its multi-asset web platform and mobile application for trading. We’re delighted to offer you more details about new features and useful tools that are already available in R StocksTrader.

What’s new about R StocksTrader?

  • Home screen

    The app’s home screen offers important information for a trader to follow: lists with popular and recently-viewed assets, financial data for an account, and upcoming dividends.

    Another useful feature that is now available to users is sets of the instruments which can be used for long/short-term investments.

    In the “New to the market (IPO)” section, you can find CFDs on stocks of the companies that went public in the last 6 months.

  • Over 20 specific watchlists

    Looking for popular instruments in different categories is now easier – lists with all suitable assets are combined into convenient watchlists: “Invest in China”, “Invest in Volatility”, “Invest in Gold”, and others.

  • 500 new instruments

    These include such popular assets as Beyond Meat Inc (BYND.ny), Didi Global Inc. (DIDI.ny), and Spotify Technology SA (SPOT.ny).

  • Enhanced interface

    We’ve improved the app navigation and search screen for available assets.

  • Updated trading statement design

    We’ve revised the trading statement design and added monthly/yearly periods.

  • Extended trading sessions

    A new trading schedule for US30, US500, and NAS100 – from 3 AM to 11:15 PM, and GER40 – from 9:05 AM to 10:55 PM.

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RoboMarkets team