RoboMarkets assets

RoboMarkets clients get reliable access to a wide range of financial instruments. Choose the market that attracts you the most or add several different assets to your investment portfolio.

  • Forex

    The currency market with a daily turnover over 5 trillion USD that is open 24/5. Forex is the largest and most liquid financial marketplace in the world.

  • Stocks

    Buy securities and get a part of the profit and assets of largest American companies or trade CFDs on stocks of enterprises of the United Kingdom, Germany, the USA, and Switzerland.

  • Indices

    Indices show changes in value of groups of stocks. The famous Dow Jones index combines 30 largest American companies and indicates general state of the US economy. Using indices in trading will allow you to diversify your investment portfolio and explore your opportunities on the stock market.

  • ETF

    ETF is an asset pool (stocks, bonds, gold, etc.), which is traded as a single stock. This instrument allows to invest in global stock markets with minimum expenses.

  • Commodities

    Coffee, sugar, cotton, and other commodities have been highly-demanded in trading for several thousands of years and are still very popular. Trade popular ETFs on agricultural products through multi-asset platform R StocksTrader from RoboMarkets.

  • Metals

    Metals are key elements of the global financial system. Investments in gold and silver may help to protect your assets from the inflation. RoboMarkets offers you more than 20 instruments for trading ETFs on aluminum, iridium, copper, nickel, platinum, and other metals.

  • Energies

    Invest in heating oil, natural gas, ethanol, and oil, as well as trade ETFs and CFDs on popular energies. This market has remained very promising for many years and still attracts a lot of new investors.