How to open a RoboMarkets account

Opportunities offered by Members Area

  • Account management

  • Depositing/withdrawal of funds

  • Access to transaction history

  • Investments

  • New instruments learning

What account type do I choose?

What trading platform do I choose?

If you chose Prime or Pro account, you will have to decide on a suitable trading terminal.

  • The most popular

    • Currently, the most popular trading platform – a lot of educational materials are based on it.
    • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
    • Operations on Forex market. Trading CFDs on popular stocks without having to install a special terminal intended for the stock market.
    • Built-in shop offers a lot of trading robots to buy.
  • Updated and improved MT4

    • Intuitive interface.
    • Built-in generator of trading strategies with simplified system to test them.
    • Promising development prospects and rapidly growing user community.

What currency do I choose for opening a trading account?

What is the leverage?

The leverage allows you to trade with borrowed funds. The leverage value reflects the ratio between your own money and borrowed funds. For example, the leverage value 1:5 increases the capital available for investing by 5 times.

When operating on Demo accounts, you can choose the leverage value up to 1:30 and assess all opportunities offered by borrowed funds. As for real accounts, beginners aren’t recommended to use the leverage value higher than 1:10.

Have we answered your questions? Great!

So, it means that you’ve decided on proper parameters of your first trading account and are now ready to open it by filling in all fields in the registration form.


The only thing you need is to download the terminal you chose before and you are ready to explore trading on financial markets!

How do I deposit funds to my account?

Login to your Members Area and go to

  • Funds
  • Deposit/Withdarwal
  • Deposit funds

Choose the payment system that is convenient for you and perform a transaction.
The operation will be displayed in "My accounts" section of your Members Area and in the trading platform interface.

How much money do I need to start trading?

A minimum first deposit at RoboMarkets is 2,000 EUR (on Pro accounts).

What is the purpose of account verification?

The verification procedure is intended for increasing the protection level of your money and Members Area.

More questions?

  • FAQ

    Answers to the frequently asked questions.

  • Getting ready for trading

    Preliminary steps to be taken by trader brief experience.

  • Client support

    RoboMarkets team is ready to answer your question over the phone, in online chat in "Ask a question" window, or via tickets in your Members Area.