How to become an investor with CopyMarkets?

Endless possibilities and adamant control.

Every platform participant will surely find all the necessary tools and instruments for success, whether these are an exceptional investment strategy that's attractive to subscribers, or the most promising Signal Provider to copy transactions from.

Three steps to start investing:

  • Register

    Complete your registration and account opening in the Members Area. To start using the CopyMarkets platform, you need to pass your passport and address verification and obtain the Pro client status.

  • Specify the investment amount

    Decide on the amount of money you want to invest together with CopyMarkets, and deposit it to your account.

  • Start working

    Copy transactions, or offer your strategies to others to copy them. The choice is yours! Specify conditions and create subscriptions right in your Members Area.


The Company does not charge any additional commission for using CopyMarkets.

Only clients with a Pro account can use the platform.

"Profitability" is the main parameter that indicates how successful a Signal Provider is. In CopyMarkets system, "Profitability" is calculated according to the following formula:

P = ( (Equity_end_1 / Equity_begin_1) * (Equity_end_2 / Equity_begin_2) * ... * (Equity_end_N / Equity_begin_N) - 1) * 100%

P – profitability (profit) in %.
Equity_begin_X – equity at the start of X period.
Equity_end_X – equity at the end of X period X.
N – the latest of the periods, taken into account for calculations.

The periods are divided by balance operations. The formula calculates the profitability in % from the moment of account opening or the moment of the total loss of the funds (when the Equity is less or equal to zero). Please note, that withdrawal of all funds from the account (Equity is zero) is not considered as the total loss of funds.

To subscribe to a Signal Provider or to customize subscription conditions, you have to have at least 100 EUR on your account (or equivalent in the account currency).

An investor’s transaction is executed simultaneously with a Signal Provider’s.

All accounts except the ones listed below are automatically included into CopyMarkets Rating:

  • Accounts with the balance less than 50% of the limits specified by the system required for setting the subscription conditions.
  • Accounts with “By request” subscription mode without “Show in the Rating” option enabled.
  • Accounts where the basic subscription conditions are not specified.
  • Accounts with the profitability of —90% or less for 10 consecutive days.