RoboMarkets® is a strategic partner of the sports club Eintracht Frankfurt

In 2022, RoboMarkets® became a sponsor of the German football club Eintracht Frankfurt, which was established in 1899.

For over 100 years, the club has been developing and demonstrating remarkable results in Bundesliga, the top German football league.

Eintracht Frankfurt is a five-time DFB winner, a UEFA Cup winner, and a European Cup runner-up

The team was one of the Bundesliga founders and has participated in 51 league seasons.



German national cup winners

1974, 1975, 1981, 1988 and 2018

сup winners

1980, 2022

RoboMarkets® and Eintracht Frankfurt

What do football and trading have in common?

Both these universes are full of emotions, adrenaline, rich experience, and the will to win. Eintracht Frankfurt has been a part of this world for over a century, taking part in the most important matches of the German Bundesliga every year.

Pursuit of new heights, self-improvement, and many years of experience that help to think and live ahead – all these things are integral pieces necessary for achieving success – that’s what unites RoboMarkets® and Eintracht Frankfurt.