VPS-server for traders

Get access to a trading terminal from any part of the world.

VPS server is in the first place useful for those clients, who use Mechanical Trading Systems (MTS) and Expert Advisors (EA) in their trading.

Efficient automated trading requires a high access speed to servers along with an opportunity to trade 24/7, and RoboMarkets remote server can provide you with both of these things.

"VPS server" service is only provided to the clients, who passed the complete verification of their personal information.

To get access to the service, submit an application from your Members Area, "Your VPS 2.0 Server" section. After your application is processed, you will get an IP-address for VPS server, along with login (username) and password. You will be asked to enter this data in the corresponding fields when connecting to the server.

Get access

Remote VPS server features:

  • Expert Advisors continue trading 24/7 even if your PC is turned off!

  • No need to install any special software – you get access to the server, which already has everything that is necessary for trading.

  • Uninterruptible Internet connection with a high speed.

  • Simultaneous operation of two terminals at once, the remote terminal and the one installed on any of your devices. In this case, all operations may be performed in both platforms at the same time.

Terms and conditions of “VPS server” service provision:

  • A hosting fee in the amount of 10 USD is charged for ordering VPS.

  • Access is provided only to trading servers and websites that belong to RoboMarkets Deutschland GmbH. All other resources will not be available. However, you may download and install to our VPS server any software necessary for trading operations.

  • The client receives full access to the VPS-server with the use of the provided Administrator password. From then onward, only the client shall be held responsible for the results of the VPS usage.

  • VPS-server is only available to clients accounts.

  • RoboMarkets reserves the right to refuse "VPS-server" service without giving any reasons.

VPS hardware
Free disk space
Operating system
VPS access
Intel(r) Xeon(r) E5
1 Gb
30 Gb SSD
Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit