How to become a Professional Client of RoboMarkets?

To become a Professional client, you must have a relevant experience, knowledge and competence required to independently make investment decisions and to accurately evaluate the risks these decisions involve.

Pass the qualification test

To become a Professional client, you need to send a request for re-categorization and to pass the qualification test in your Members Area.

To successfully pass the qualification test, you have to meet at least two of the criteria below:
  • The size of your financial instrument portfolio, which includes both cash deposits and financial instruments, exceeds 500,000 EUR.
  • You have performed large transactions on the relevant market with an average frequency of 10 (ten) per quarter over the previous four (4) quarters.
  • You have been working or worked in the financial sector for at least one (1) year in a professional position, which requires knowledge how to perform transactions or use offered services.

Our specialists will contact you

Your request will be reviewed as soon as possible. We may contact you to request the additional documents or right after your application is processed.

Documents you need to pass the qualification test:
  • Confirmation of your funds’ volume: bank statements, bank letter of recommendation on the credit balance, broker accounts, custody accounts statements (for example, funds assets, cash statements or other account statements), reports from any other financial organizations.
  • Confirmation of your trading experience: bank or broker accounts statements (for example, your trading account history at any broker), a certificate that will confirm your trading volumes or similar documents.
  • Confirmation of your financial experience: CV, testimonials/reference of you from your employer, documents on longer seminars, internship, and financial training ( that will prove the experience of more than 12 months in a financial professional position), LinkedIn, Xing profile link, etc.

The complete list of documents for passing the re-categorization procedure can be provided upon request.